Apply to Join the Michigan Otolaryngologic Society

Step 1

Fill out our Application to be Approved

There are several reasons to join the Society. Collegian discussion, exchange of ideas, improving surgical acumen and continuing education are a few of the reasons to join! Also, access to or 'Member Portal' section of the website.

Step 2

Reading Dates

Once the application is received and reviewed, two reading dates will be assigned. After the two readings the membership application will be approved.

Step 3

Payment of Annual Dues

After official approval, a dues statement will be sent out via email. 

Step 4

Perks and Benefits

Along with collegian discussion, exchange of ideas and improving surgical acumen, you now have access to the "Member Portal" section on our website by using the login criteria inputted on the application form. Member Portal includes: Member Directory, Continuing Education, License Renewal, House Bills, Fed & State Legislative Priorities, and a Forum for society discussion.