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For information related to ALK’s Sublingual Allergy Immunotherapy Tablets please visit the following websites:




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Product Information: For more information on the Provox® Vega™ Puncture Set Click Here

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The complex insurance landscape and pace of the modern world creates barriers to prescription care. Since 1996, Health Dimensions Clinical Pharmacy (HDRX) has worked with doctors and their patients to overcome these barriers. With a commitment to clinical pharmacy care AND managing out of pocket costs, our unique service model empowers both the patient and prescriber to achieve optimal outcomes.

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Inspire therapy is a fully implanted system that keeps the OSA patient’s airway open during sleep. The system consists of three components: a small generator, a breathing sensor lead, and a stimulation lead—all controlled by the small handheld Inspire Sleep Remote. Patients simply turn the therapy on at night before bed, and off in the morning when they wake up. When activated, Inspire therapy continuously monitors breathing patterns during sleep and delivers mild stimulation to key airway muscles, which keeps the airway open. Inspire therapy is a unique approach to OSA that may be an option for those obstructive sleep apnea patients who are unable to use or get consistent benefit from CPAP and do not want to consider traditional anatomy altering surgery.
KLS Martin is a company dedicated to producing innovative medical devices and planning solutions for craniomaxillofacial surgery. In addition to excellent off the solutions like the L1 MMF, a world leading distraction portfolio and a complete suite of CMF plating for trauma and reconstruction, KLS is proud to be the only CMF company to offer surgical planning, design and manufacturing all under one roof. From the initial data upload to the implantation of the Individual Patient Solution (IPS) plate,  KLS is with you every step of the way to plan, design and create the best product for you and your patients.  

The StealthStation ENT System is a navigation system for your most basic to your most complex cases. It is built on decades of scientific, clinical and engineering research. StealthStation ENT System offers electromagnetic technology that expands what was previously possible with image guided surgery so you can see more, do more.

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