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Collegial interaction, exchanging knowledge and sharing techniques to enhance patient care is a duty of the practicing physician. The Society is a place for just that.

Annual Dues: $225


Otolaryngologists-in-training are encouraged to join the Society. There are numerous resources available to enhance their experience and encourage collegial interaction.

Annual dues: Complimentary

(Letter of support from program/fellowship director

required with application)

Educational Affiliate

 We encourage non-physician providers (nurse practitioners, physician assistants, speech language pathology, dieticians, health psychologists and audiologists) to join our society to enrich our membership and benefit from the resources available.

Annual Dues: $50

Step 1

Fill out our Application to be Approved

There are several reasons to join the Society. Collegial discussion, exchange of ideas, improving surgical acumen and continuing education are a few of the reasons to join! Also, get exclusive access to our 'Member Portal' section of the website.

Step 2

Reading Dates

Once the application is received and reviewed, two reading dates will be assigned. After the two readings the membership application will be approved.

Step 3

Payment of Annual Dues

After official approval, a dues statement will be sent out via email. 

Step 4

Perks and Benefits

Along with collegial discussion, exchange of ideas and improving surgical acumen, you have exclusive access to the "Member Portal."  Member Portal includes: Member Directory, Continuing Education, License Renewal, House Bills, Federal & State Legislative Priorities, ENT Job Postings, ENT Job Applications, and a Forum for society discussion.

Please Select Your Membership Category

  • Affiliate

    Educational Affiliate
  • Otolaryngologists

    Valid for 12 months
  • Residents & Fellows

    Valid for 12 months
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